Prospective Students

DPM plans to hire at least two PhD students for Fall, 2020. Specifically, DPM is looking for students who can work on robotics, machine learning, signal processing, etc. for human robot collaboration and wearable biosensors to improve construction safety and health. If you are passionate about these research areas with strong analytical skills and necessary backgrounds (e.g., computer programming, robotics, machine learning), please contact Prof. Lee. PhD students will be fully funded during their PhD study (including tuition, salary, health insurance, and conference travels) with guaranteed time-off per year.   

DPM also plans to hire at least one MSc student for Fall, 2020. Depending upon a student’s qualification, assistantship (or equivalent) can be arranged. If you have an external scholarship (e.g., Fulbright scholarship), please contact Prof. Lee. Depending upon a student’s qualification or interest, there can be a complementary funding to top such a scholarship to make it fully-funded for his/her MSc study at DPM.