University of Michigan

CEE 532 – Construction Project Engineering (2014 – Present)
Fundamentals of project-based organization, project delivery systems, resource management focusing primarily on human aspects, organizational behavior and culture, change and interface management, and performances (e.g., productivity, quality and safety) improvement.

CEE 930 – Construction Industry Institute (CII) Best Practices (2012-Present)
Current issues in the construction industry; Best practices defined and developed by CII over the last 25 years such as front end planning, zero accident techniques, constructability and materials management.

CEE 930 – Advanced Topics in Computer Integrated Construction (2013)
Advanced topics in computerized systems for real-time planning, monitoring, and control of civil infrastructure projects. Topics include modeling, real-time monitoring, visual simulation, data analysis, and robotic systems.

CEE 431 – Construction Contracting (2011-2012, 2018)
Introduction to construction contracting for contractors, architects, and owners, content including organization and administration, industry structure, construction contracts, bonds and insurance, planning, estimating, control, quantity takeoff, pricing, labor and equipment estimates, estimating excavation and concrete, proposal preparation, scheduling, accounting and control. Students use contract documents to prepare detailed estimate.

CEE 536 – Critical Path Methods (2010-2012)
Introduction to construction planning, scheduling and control, particularly focusing on network-based techniques.

University of Alberta

CIVE 709Special Topic: Wireless Sensor Network for Construction
Localization techniques in construction resource tracking and application of wireless sensor network

CIVE 709Special Topic: Advanced Computer Simulation
Project management using System Dynamics

CIVE 608Construction Engineering
Advanced engineering economics, equipment procurement, geotechnical material, earthmoving, equipment overview, concrete construction, bridge construction, road construction

CIVE 607Work Improvement Studies
Productivity improvement analysis with System Dynamics applications

CIVE 602Contract Administration
Contracting, administration, changes, claims, bond, insurance, prequalification, dispute resolution, conflict avoidance

CIVE 406Construction Estimating, Planning and Control
Bidding, quantity takeoff and pricing, estimating, bid strategy, labor estimating, planning, cost control, time-cost tradeoff; students use real contract documents to prepare the bid documents (support from Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation)


CEE 1.401Project Management
Project delivery systems, planning, monitoring, control, contract administration, post-learning